"From the moment I met Mr Marston to my recent 10 year check up, I have loved his style, always making me feel at ease. I have had both hips replaced, and continued my active lifestyle running the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and summiting Mount Everest aged 53, with both hips getting me up and down without a single problem. Vote Mr Marston, he rocks."
J Smith

"Eleven years ago, my left knee needed attention:  I researched appropriately and found Mr Robert Marston with a solid specialism in Orthopaedics, together with well documented experience in remedial surgery.  A helpful and clear discussion was followed by arthroscopy surgery.  This provided my overworked knee with many years of relief.   By 2019 it was time to seek advice again: I undertook further research and gained unsolicited recommendations.  A return visit to Mr Marston for his expertise was without doubt. Again, clear information, with no surprises.  This resulted in a successful total left knee replacement in November.  However, this highlighted the cumulative strain on my right knee and in November 2020, that too underwent successful total knee replacement.   Trust is the most important factor when considering any surgery and these outcomes have provided truly positive, life enriching benefits."
Joanna Lloyd-Davies

“I went from considerable pain, even when walking, to resuming my badminton, rock scrambling & gardening. Mr Marston was particular about finding the right solution for me (a partial knee replacement) and his attention to detail is second to none. Thank you.”
Tim Huband

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