What we do

LaingBuisson International Limited is a web publishing company operating in the healthcare sector. Our websites serve as a gateway for patients to all types of healthcare providers, including hospitals, doctors, dentists, healthcare product and service companies who wish to promote their services and expertise to the general public.

Patients benefit from being able to access trustworthy information about health problems and issues; healthcare providers benefit from being able to access patients who are actively seeking a treatment or solution to their healthcare needs. 

Take a look at our portfolio of websites:

Private Healthcare UK 

Private Healthcare UK has been operating as an internet portal for people actively seeking services from private healthcare providers in the UK, since 1997. Originally set up by Keith Pollard's Acumen Solutions, the site was acquired by Intuition Communication Limited in 2003. Keith Pollard is the owner of Intuition. The site has an established reputation within the private healthcare industry and with online media agencies who regard the site as a valuable resource. It is supported by advertising and listing revenues from major companies in the sector.

Private Healthcare Reviews 

Private Healthcare Ratings and Reviews, managed by Intuition Communication, enables patients to publish reviews and comments about their experience of private hospitals, clinics, and private healthcare services in the UK.

Medical Tourism Reviews 

Medical Tourism Ratings and Reviews, managed by Treatment Abroad, enables patients to publish reviews and comments about their experience of travelling for treatment.

Treatment Abroad 

Treatment Abroad was the first medical tourism portal for people seeking information on hospital treatment, cosmetic surgery, dentistry and infertility treatment abroad. Patients can search, compare and enquire to hospitals and clinics as well as medical travel agencies and facilitators worldwide as well as being able to calculate the total cost of travelling, including treatment, travel, accommodation and insurance. The site incorporates a “Guide to Medical Tourism”, price comparisons, patient stories, videos, and destination guides.


DoctorInternet is the leading online resource for Arabic patients who are seeking information about travelling overseas for treatment. Visitors to the site benefit from independent and impartial advice and can explore the options available for surgery, dentistry, infertility treatment and cosmetic treatment.

Fertility Treatment Abroad 

Fertility Treatment Abroad serves as a gateway for patients seeking fertility treatment in another country. The site features a search and compare facility that enables patients to compare clinics on price, experience, success rates; extensive profiles of the facility and the staff; a good practice score based on ESHRE's Good Practice Guide; and a patient area for "My Fertility Treatment". 

International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) 

The International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) provides insight into the medical travel and medical tourism sector, and welcomes contributions from all within the industry. The International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) was established in 2007 in response to the increasing interest in medical travel and medical tourism. It embraces many of the themes that challenge healthcare providers across the world - insurance, accreditation, marketing and promotion, quality, patient safety, levels of care and experience in treating international patients.

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