Video Consultation with a Harley Street specialist

Do you want advice from one of London's leading surgeons and physicians?

Our Video Consultation service means that you can access London's expertise without the need to visit Harley Street.

All interactions take place within our GDPR compliant platform, powered by Trustedoctor, and your medical records are held within a secure environment.

Three easy steps

  • Select your preferred doctor, then on the doctor's profile page click on the Get in touch button and select Book a video consultation
  • Register for the service and upload your medical history and any relevant medical reports and images
  • Submit a request for a Video Consultation

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Your preferred consultant or specialist will review your request and medical records and will suggest some dates and times to conduct the video consultation. When you confirm the appointment, you will pay a one-off fee for the service.

Your doctor will conduct a video consultation with you (typical duration is 30 minutes) at the agreed time and will then submit a written summary of his/her advice via the secure platform.

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