Recommendations and patient stories for Rina Agrawal

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Here are some testimonials of Dr Agrawal from her website:

"We were struck most by Dr Rina’s warmth, kindness, empathy and the ever smiling face which was so unique and different from what we had experienced elsewhere at other fertility centres. Our dreams came true when we became the proud parents of our two beautiful children."


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"Dr Rina is not only very professional during her treatment but also very friendly, charming and caring which makes it all so much easier!"


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"My husband and I had several failed attempts at IVF treatments at various clinics in London and were disheartened not only with failures but also with the distant response of some of the staff present in some clinics. To them we were just numbers in the consumer belt!Dr Rina immediately put us at ease and instilled confidence in us by maintaining a very positive attitude throughout the time we saw her. We are now blessed with a healthy, happy baby."



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