Rina Agrawal: Profile

Dr Rina Agrawal is a Consultant & an Associate Professor in Reproductive Medicine / Assisted Conception & Obstetrics/Gynaecology with practicing privileges at The Portland Hospital, The London Clinic Harley Street, Centre of Reproductive Medicine (CRM London), The London Fertility Centre and University College London where she received her formal training & PhD in Reproductive Medicine. She also sees patients at University Hospitals of Coventry & Warwickshire and BMI The Meriden Hospital in Coventry.


Accredited both in the UK and in India, Dr Agrawal offers one to one fertility and gynaecology advice and treatment. She provides an integrated holistic and multidisciplinary approach to fertility treatment; as well as scientific treatment methods she advises on nutritional and lifestyle changes, reduction of stress, and detoxification processes. She also provides complementary care such as acupuncture and support counselling services which may help alleviate anxiety and improve the chances of pregnancy. Dr Agrawal has individually managed over 6000 cycles of IVF/ICSI and more than 9000 insemination treatment cycles over the last 17 years. 

The Hind Rattan “Jewel of India” award was one of the several awards which Rina received within the year of 2010 as later in June 2010 she was nominated to receive her NHS Trust OSCA (Outstanding Service and Care) Awards and in September 2010 she received the prestigious “Achievers Gold Medal” from the House of Lords in London for significant contributions in the field of reproductive medicine.  In November 2009 she was nominated for the NHS London Innovations Award and appointed the Research Collaborator between Federation of Indian College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and the UK in August 2009.  She also received the “Pride of India” award in January 2011.

Clinical interests

Dr Rina Agrawal’s main speciality and clinical expertise are consultations, procedures and operations related to Assisted Conception, Fertility, Recurrent Miscarriages, Reproductive Endocrinology and Gynaecology. Her many years of experiences both in UK and overseas have given her a greater insight into the care of complex clinical problems. She also works closely with several experienced colleagues in various specialities which makes it possible for her to provide a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Dr Agrawal provides a holistic approach to patient care and besides being able to competently deal with medical issues she focuses on the overall wellbeing of her patients. She is well known amongst her patients for her kind, sensitive, caring and warm nature. She is able to offer continuity of care and is available around the clock for emergency advice and consultations, which patients have found very reassuring.

Research interests

Dr Agrawal received her formal training in Reproductive Medicine at University College London Hospitals, where she completed her PhD. Her main academic contributions were in the field of assisted reproduction and reproductive endocrinology with a particular interest in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, ovarian stimulation protocols/medications, ultrasound and Doppler examination, and exploring the role of angiogenic factors which form new blood vessels (VEGF) in improving pregnancy rates.

Dr Agrawal has published extensively over the years and referees for several international journals, such as Human Reproduction and Human Fertility. She has produced over 50 publications, including a book on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, and has been an invited speaker in over 70 national and international meetings over the years.