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Many thanks for excellent care during my recent admission.

With grateful thanks for your help and advice.

Just to say thanks so much for all you have done for me, I am very grateful for your kindness.

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I am writing to thank you, your team and staff and all at the hospital who took such good care of me whilst I was a patient with you from 24 October until 31 October. May I in turn thank the ambulance staff who took me to your hospital, to the emergency section who revived me and saved my life, to the intensive care ward and then the cardiac ward . All of the medical staff gave me outstanding care, treatment and attention. Most of my time was spent in the cardiac ward. Without exception the doctors and the nursing (and support) staff were very attentive, calm, extremely polite and very supportive. I was kept fully informed by them of what was happening. They made my stay as agreeable as possible in the circumstances. The ward was very efficiently run. The environment was kept scrupulously clean and tidy. More generally, the facilities at the hospital appear to be of a very high standard. Your hospital is clearly providing a first class service to the local community. May I thank you again for everything.

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I would like to extend my thanks for Dr. Brull, his excellent team, and yourself in dealing with the anomalies, for the stress free and successful Cardioversion yesterday. Both my partner and myself have noticed that my heartbeat is now regular. I will do my best to keep it that way.

Your words came true. On 4th November 2015 I had a 25 second cardiac arrest / total heart block 2:1 post op for a torn meniscus in my knee. I took a reading with my reveal device a couple of weeks afterwards when recovering at home . Barts contacted me on the 4th January and I was admitted that night. I now have a pacemaker implanted and I am waiting for an appointment to remove the reveal device. I feel VERY VERY lucky that you organised the implant to catch it and also I was able to have the pacemaker fitted so quickly. I am eternally grateful.

I just wanted to say how impressed I was by your wonderful team running things in your 'lab'. I was astounded at how much was going on at once, all with the dramatic efficiency of a pit stop tyre change for a racing car! Everyone I met in the department was thoughtful and charming-perhaps when you have a moment you could pass on my gratitude and good wishes. Thank you for your continuing care.

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I feel compelled to write to you to thank you for your help with regard to the multitude of patients that are referred to you. All the patients have been complimentary of your kind, empathetic manner and the time you take to explain things to them and empowering them with information. From my perspective your letters are very clear and are very informative and I have learnt a lot from them. I really cannot thank you enough and have been provoked to write this letter due to the comments I have recieved about you from the patients who have seen me following their assessment with you.

Not sure what the going rate is nowaways for helping to save my life, but all I can carry (!) is the enclosed down payment. Hope you enjoy them whether before, during or after the holiday season. Very best and with grateful thanks

We would love to say a huge thank you to the team at The Heart Hospital for looking after my dad on Thursday 23 October. We appreciate all your hard work and are very grateful :). Bless you all! My dad would like to give his special thanks for all the staff who were excellent! Wishing you all health and properity so you can look after those who need you!!

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I am writing to thank the Whittington for the great service I recieved as an emergency and cardiology ward patient last December following a heart attack. This is the second time in ten years I have been taken ill with heart problems and on both occasions I have been treated by Dr David Brull and the Montuschi team. It was very good of Dr Brull to arrange my elective angiogram and complete the stress testing process. He succeeded where others had failed. It is good to know I can take up exercise again safely. He deserves my sincere thanks for his efforts. I do hope that the Whittington will continue to offer such effective and professional treatment. The community does benefit from having these services where they are. The excellence of the Whittington team, including A&E, is a hugely valuable asset and needs to be protected and preserved.

It was very good seeing you yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much for being so warm, kind and reassuring. I really appreciated it.

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