Recommendations and patient stories for Adam Fox

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We took our 15 month old baby boy to see Dr. Fox on 12th September. He was very attentive, an excellent listener. He quickly identified our concerns and came up with an action plan. He helped us to put our son’s real risks into perspective and helped us to eliminate many urban myths we had heard and wrong information given by NHS GP’s! Overall we felt a huge sense of relief after the appointment. I was living in fear before seeing Dr. Fox, afterwards I felt so confident I gave my son peanut butter the next day without the usual panic when introducing a new known allergy food. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Fox and I truly feel he is the best person to help us with our son’s allergies


From the moment we met Adam we felt relaxed and calm. He knew exactly  what the problem was and reassured us there was nothing to worry about. He is very knowledgeable, professional and would like to think one of the best doctors out there.

Jacqui Braverman

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It’s not easy living with food allergies, but we’ve had Adam and his team there to guide us all the way. When I’ve had questions – from travelling safely to starting school to simple dietary or nutrition concerns – I’ve emailed Adam and quickly received his advice and reassurance.

Nicky Granger

Dr Fox looked after my daughter for 6 years. His advice was second to none and I firmly believe that he prevented my daughter from getting a nut allergy. I have given out his number to every mother who has told me her child has a possible allergy or eczema. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Mrs C Gavens, London

After what had been a worrying time, seeing Dr Fox gave me great peace of mind.  He gave us clear and kind information and advice in a very reassuring manner.  The allergy testing service was so quick; we had instant results.  Since seeing Dr Fox our little boy has thrived and the difference in him (his weight, skin and the level of contentedness) is incredible.

Mrs Lydia Savill

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Our trust in Dr Fox’s ability to manage our son’s various conditions has always been richly rewarded. He delivers incomparable levels of expertise, clarity and direction in some of the most confusing and anxious times faced as a parent.

Mrs Emma Bond

Never met a better doctor. He (Dr Fox) went above and beyond his call of duty and has a true passion for his job. I will be forever grateful to him. I have got further with my son’s condition in the last 3 weeks than I have got in the last year of him being diagnosed.

Mrs Poulengeris

I’m so impressed you were kind enough to respond so quickly and so late at night, amazing support, thank you!!!

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Once again, thank you so so much for all your help and advice. We all wanted to say a massive thank you for requesting the challenge, it is life changing for our family.

Thanks so much, Dr Fox for your time tonight, you really have allowed us for once to feel like we are being proactive rather than reactive! Yesterday we were having a conversation with our children about what they wanted to be when they are older.  Matthew said he wanted to be you. I thought this was lovely. He is 5 and you have made a big impact on him and his life.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping my son Adam.

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Adam has had bad eczema since he was born and now after 5 years of various therapies he is finally eczema free. I think this is thanks to your action plan and prescriptions in the last 3 months, he hasn’t had anything in the last 3 weeks.

Thanks again for yesterday. I feel we learnt more in an afternoon with you and your team than we have in the past 6 years.

We recently saw Adam Fox a couple of times for my daughter. He is a true professional and very calm and considered. By spending plenty of time speaking to both my husband and I, and my daughter, then carrying out all the necessary tests on her, he put our minds at ease both times we saw him. I would absolutely recommend him.
Allie 09-Jul-2018