Reviews and patient stories for The Tinnitus Clinic

Patients can leave a recommendation The Tinnitus Clinic by clicking the link on the right of this page. ​Some testimonials can be found below. 

"Initial impression of clinic and staff could not be better. Initial assessment excellent. In all a good experience." 

Margaret M

"I was extremely impressed by the overall professionalism and quality of the service I received. Mr Patel's "bedside manner" was excellent and although I was somewhat anxious/depressed before the consultancy his calm, professional and caring demeanour helped me greatly." 

Phil W

"Impressed by the range of hearing tests. Explanations excellent. Gave me hope that I can get my life back." 

Patricia C

"The consultant was very informative, the information given was in layman's term, we understood everything that was said to us. When he was doing a test it was explained in detail. It was a brilliant consultation." 

Evon N