Optical Express: Harley Street

Laser eye clinic run by Optical Express

22 Harley Street, Ground Floor Right, London, W1G 9AP

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Optical Express is a world renowned provider of expert eye care services, with a clinic located in Harley Street, the renowned medical district in Central London. The clinic provides a number of laser eye treatments including: LASIK, intralase and wavefront.

Treatments at Optical Express: Harley Street

  • iLASIK (per eye)
  • Lasek (both eyes)
  • iDesign LASIK (both eyes)
  • iDesign LASIK (both eyes)
  • iDesign LASIK (per eye)
  • iDesign LASIK (per eye)
  • Retinal laser surgery
  • ReLEx® SMILE Laser eye surgery

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