Nathan Anthony: Profile

Dr Nathan Anthony trained at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals in London and qualified with degrees in pathology, medicine and surgery in 1996. Having developed a natural aptitude for psychiatry as an undergraduate, he embarked on specialist training in London and was fortunate to have a comprehensive and intensive training in psychiatry including the psychological and psychodynamic issues that predispose to problems in adulthood.

Dr Anthony has worked as a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS since 2005 and recently left to concentrate on private practice where he can spend unhurried time with clients. Mr Anthony is currently based at Nathan Anthony Psychiatric Clinic, 10 Harley Street.


Dr Anthony is fully committed to providing a prompt and comprehensive service for his clients. He is not only aware of how difficult it can be for clients to find a psychiatrist but also to find somewhere that can provide a "one-stop service" and hence an assessment and treatment package under one roof. Clients often find they have to see many people in order to get their care needs met.

His passion is to instil a sense of self empowerment in his sessions with clients. People with mental health problems have incredible strengths and Dr Anthony feels it is important that his clients do not feel stigmatised.

A firm believer in looking at and addressing issues that predispose clients to mental anguish and distress, Dr Anthony's overall aim is to vigorously treat the current problems but also to treat the cause in order for them not to return in the future.

Our childhoods can have a profound in pact on our functioning as adults. Poor self esteem, negative patterns of thinking and problems within relationships can all be traced back to issues during our childhood. Dr Anthony therefore offers an eclectic approach, looking at these issues if they are relevant.


Dr Anthony's approach is to offer a flexible, client centred service. His fundamental ethos is to get clients better as quickly as possible. Psychiatric issues can cause immense problems when it comes to employment and our relationships with family, friends and partners. It is therefore his fundamental aim to get clients back on their feet and functioning without unnecessary delay.

Fees / information for new clients

Dr Anthony fully appreciates that finding a psychiatrist can be a daunting task. He offers clients initial assessment appointments lasting between 1 and 2 hours and can be spaced apart if necessary. It is extremely important that you explore many areas of your life including your childhood so Dr Anthony can optimise your treatment plan which will get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Some clients have complex problems and very traumatic childhood experiences. In these cases you may need more time to explore these experiences in an unhurried manner. Some people find it helpful to bring some hand written notes when they see Dr Anthony to make sure they don’t forget anything. It is preferable if your GP could write a referral letter before you attend however this is not always possible. Dr Anthony aims to see clients within 2 days of them contacting his secretary. In some cases he can carry out a domiciliary visit if you are unable to attend the clinic.

Some psychiatric conditions have a physical component to them. It is therefore important Dr Anthony addresses any undiagnosed physical problems which could be hindering you.

Dr Anthony is registered with all the medical insurance companies including AXA PPP and BUPA. You will need to check with your insurance provider that you are covered. His secretary can help you with this if you find this too daunting or experience any other problems.

Should clients need hospital admission, Dr Anthony has carefully chosen hospitals in Kent and central London which reach high standards of inpatient care. He realises that hospital admissions can be a stressful experience and coordinates admissions to ensure continuity of care and minimise disruption to clients.

Clinical interests

Dr Anthony's interests are varied across a large spectrum from eating disorders to social anxiety. His website details these topics. 

He treats a comprehensive range of disorders and illnesses, from psychotherapy eating disorders through to anxiety and depression. Dr Anthony also see's clients for cognitive analytic therapy.