Restored vision

Firstly, I must state that I am very fortunate to come finally under the care of Mr El-Amir, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, at The Prince Charles Eye Unit, King Edward VII Hospital Windsor early in April 2012, having been referred from the A & E Department of St. Mary’s Hospital (London).

My ophthalmic problem was discovered during a routine eye test by an Optician at Specsavers Opticians at Camden High Street London who was not satisfied with the result of my eye test. As a result of this test, I was advised to seek further in-dept and more professional help at the Western Eye Hospital where I was seen by a member of the A & E. Further examination in the Western Eye Hospital revealed the presence of a RIGHT MACULAR HOLE-grade 2. I was subsequently referred to Mr El-Amir for the macular hole repair.

Again, I was also very fortunate that in addition to repairing the macular hole, Mr El-Amir, being a top expert and probably unparalleled in that field, was able to discover that beside the macular hole, I have at the same time a cataract growth on both eyes.

Being obviously and naturally worried and agitated following this diagnosis, and subsequent to the three surgeries (a macular hole repair, right and left eye surgeries), Mr El-Amir’s positive attitude and professionalism reassured me I couldn’t be in a better hand.

Today, I can say without an iota of doubt that Mr El-Amir professionalism and expertise is unmatched. I am so grateful to him that my vision is now totally cleared and restored to almost original and crisp state.

lgnatius Muotoh

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