Laser eye treatment at The Harley Street Eye Clinic

"The vision in my right eye suddenly disappeared in April 2013. At that point I had the good fortune to be introduced to Mr El-Amir.

That occasion turned out to be a tear in my retina which was quickly resolved by some laser treatment. However at the end of May 2014 my retina became detached resulting in a vitrectomy. In April of 2015 I had a cataract removed which was a direct result of the surgery for the detached retina. Mr El-Amir was my consultant throughout the whole process and I could not have wished for better care or treatment or to be in better hands. Through laser treatment and two operations I never felt a single moment of pain or even discomfort. Mr El-Amir is utterly professional, caring to the highest degree with great attention to detail. He gave reassurance at what can be rather scary moments and inspired complete confidence in his skill and ability to restore my vision. He is blessed with great patience and answered every single one of my seemingly endless list of questions. Nothing was too much trouble. As a result not only is the vision in my right eye completely restored but it is now sharper than when this whole episode started. It has been nothing short of a delight to meet and be treated by Mr El-Amir and without question I would recommend him to anyone with similar issues."

Paul Miller

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