Gut problems diagnosed with exemplary service

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, personally, for the exemplary service you have given me in the last 2 years. With multiple symptoms present, for different problems, which began with the bowel test — I realise how lucky I was to have someone with your expertise examining me. Obviously, at my age one expects the worst — but thanks to your good judgement & the tests you scheduled various causes were eliminated. You also prescribed the right pills to control my Oesophageal & gut problems.

As for my gall bladder — the stones can be endured... I was really interested la know what was shown re my Pancreas. In any case one has to be philosophical but it is good to have a renewed lease on an active life. I have several people dependant on me and a job to do which is precisely what keeps me going.

Charing Cross is a first class hospital. Since I have Osteoporosis etc. I was first treated there for that & still have my own hips due to the expert advice of Mr. Cobb years ago.

I have found all the nurses & staff both efficient & courteous. Cleanliness prevails. If I could be of some service, I would, but the distance is a factor plus my hips don't allow me to do standing still jobs. 

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