Diagnosis of growth on Kidney

Back in September you identified I had a nasty looking growth on my right kidney. The journey since then has been quite long and troublesome at time, culminating in an operation at The Princess Grace, in mid January, under the care of Mr Patki. 

Having had a biopsy it was confirmed I had renal cancer, but thankfully it was T1 and operable. Thankfully due to the growth's positioning Mr Patki was able complete a robotic partial nephrectomy and take out the tumour. The follow up pathology indicates all the tumour was removed and a biopsy on the kidney for now gave me the all clear. Whilst I have the on-going scans ahead of me, I feel in good hands and recuperating well after what turned out to be a hefty operation. 

What I do know is I am lucky and thankful. Thankful that due to the diligence of your care, that the growth was identified early otherwise the tumour would have sat inside me for who knows how long.

I also feel lucky that I'm now on the road to recovery. So I wanted to write and thank you enormously for everything you have done for me. I am incredibly appreciative. 

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