Mrs Sara Badvie is a female consultant colorectal surgeon in London. She provides management of bowel and abdominal symptoms and treats anal conditions such as haemorrhoids, fistulas, rectal bleeding and fissures. She performs laparoscopic (keyhole) and open operations for hernias, bowel conditions and gallstones and performs colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and polypectomy


Accreditation and insurance

Sara Badvie is an accredited consultant for the following hospitals, clinics and groups...

Treatments, operations and tests

  • Anal fistula repair
  • Colon polyp removal
  • Colonoscopy
  • Consultation with a consultant or specialist
  • Endoscopy (Upper GI)
  • Haemorrhoid injection
  • Haemorrhoid treatment (HAL-RAR)
  • Haemorrhoids or piles removal
  • Hernia repair (epigastric)
  • Hernia repair (femoral)
  • Hernia repair (inguinal)
  • Hernia repair (Laparocscopic Incisional)
  • Hernia repair (umbilical)
  • Hernia Repair - Groin (Inguinal) - Open surgery
  • Pilonidal sinus surgery
  • Tear in anus (anal fissure) repair