Nick Pantazopoulos: Profile

Training and experience

Dr Nick Pantazopoulos is a Consultant Cardiologist at West Middlesex University Hospital, Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust. He is the Lead Cardiologist at BUPA Clinics.

Dr Pantazopoulos graduated in medicine from the University of Queensland, Australia in 1994. He gained wide experience in general medicine as a hospital intern in Brisbane, Australia, as a doctor in the Greek Armed Forces and as part of an acute emergency air retrieval service in the Greek islands.

Dr Pantazopoulos undertook his specialist cardiology training at Athens University, going on to pursue subspecialist training in stress echocardiography and cardiac catheterisation at St George Hospital in Sydney, Australia. He completed his Level III Cardiac CT training at John Hopkins University in the USA.

Dr Pantazopoulos has established an international medical training company and provides specialist training in cardiology and webinars to doctors from the Far East and Africa, in order to improve the standards of health care in their countries. 

With a private practice based at leading independent hospitals and clinics in London, Dr Pantazopoulos has extensive experience in looking after international patients, in particular from Russia, Greece and the Middle East.

During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Dr Pantazopoulos has developed an interest and significant experience in dealing with the complications of COVID-19 and Long COVID syndrome.

Research interests

Dr Pantazopoulos’s research interests include heart failure and echocardiograpy. His published work focuses on echocardiographic indices of valve disease and myocardial function.

In the press

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