Ways to pay for private treatment at The London Sports Injury Clinic

The London Sports Injury Clinic is able to provide the highest possible standard of care for insured patients referred from a GP or specialist, patients who are self-funded and patients who are sponsored by a third party,

Self pay

All payments for consultations and treatments for self-paying patients will be taken prior to appointments. Payments can be made online or by telephone.

Sponsored Patient

This includes patients sponsored by embassies, employers or any other third party.

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What's included

Inclusive packages that cover the cost of the hospital, surgery and anaesthesia are available to UK/EU patients needing surgical intervention. Patients from outside of the UK/EU will be offered a package that includes surgery and anaesthesia, but are required to pay the hospital direct.

Payment is due in full and in advance of any surgical procedure.

Insured patients

All the consultation, investigations and procedures undertaken at 108 Harley Street are routinely covered in full by medical insurers subject to policy terms and conditions, exclusions and excesses.

The clinic provides a list of frequently asked questions to set your mind at ease and help you understand what's included in the price of your treatment.