Echosens, a manufacturer of FibroScan®, is the world’s #1 provider of non-invasive medical devices dedicated to an assessment of chronic liver disease.

Echosens significantly changed the practice of liver diagnosis with FibroScan®, the unique device using patented and validated VCTE™ for liver stiffness assessment, and CAP™ for steatosis quantification. 

FibroScan® device is recognized worldwide as the reference for non-invasive liver diagnosis with more than 2,000 medical publications and 40 guidelines recommendations.

FibroScan® is a device being used increasingly throughout both the National Health Service and Private settings.

It is a time-efficient, non-invasive, painless and patient-friendly assessment where mechanical shear waves are sent through the liver; an ultrasound transducer calculates the velocity of the wave and converts this to a liver stiffness measurement (LSM) in KPa. The addition of the controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) correlates a fat calculation via the ultrasound waves.

When performed by a suitably qualified and experienced individual, immediate results are available to the physician and patient.