Bodisync Harley Street

Complementary medicine clinic

1-7 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QD

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About Bodisync

Located on the prestigious Harley Street in London and leafy Berkshire, Bodisync are a holistic clinic specialising in regenerative medicine and integrative wellness. This long established clinic offers natural solutions of therapies and services which focus on well-being and beauty.

They offer patients a variety of non-surgical cosmetic facial treatments, bespoke natural Japanese based therapies including Acupuncture for a wide variety of physical ailments as well as nutritional therapy which includes IV nutrient infusions and vitamin injections.

What to Expect at Bodisync

As we move into an era of regenerative medicine and integrative wellness a more holistic approach to health care is required. Bodisync provides a holistic collection of therapies and services with a focus on integration to well-being and beauty. Therefore, being able to deliver the ultimate experience for our clients seeking relief from a variety of physical ailments or seeking non-surgical facial treatments. Bespoke natural nutritional infusions and injections and skin products are also available to complement and support our therapies.

Our ethos at Bodisync is to improve the quality of life for our clients which involves understanding their lifestyles and aspirations, whilst always undertaking safe and innovative treatment procedures at the highest standards alongside providing honest advice. Bodisync’s true speciality is combining traditional Eastern and modern Western techniques which creates a holistic-medical hybrid model.

During your one to one consultation we will assess your suitability for treatment and work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your unique goals. At Bodisync we believe no two people are the same so each client will have a treatment programme tailored individually for them to help achieve and maintain optimal health as nature intended.

Each patient experiences a one-to-one consultation at BodiSync, where they are assessed for suitability for the desired treatment, or to create a tailored treatment based on the desired results of the patient and the symptoms presented.
At every step from your consultation to your follow up appointments, we are on hand to make sure feel comfortable and all your questions are answered.
This is the reason why our clients keep coming back!

Innovative clinic

This innovative clinic is managed by Sukh Padda, Bodisync’s senior principal practitioner, with over 15 years of clinical experience. He specialises in treatments for a wide variety of ailments ranging from physical conditions such as back, neck, shoulder pain and sciatica to internal conditions which include allergies, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances and headaches. 

Other specialities include Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture (which also aids in reducing scarring and skin pigmentation's) Cupping, Medical Micro Needling, Mesotherapy and Oxygen Therapy.

The philosophy Sukh adopts is to offer a holistic approach to natural health care through the fusion of traditional Eastern and contemporary Western techniques; a holistic-medical hybrid model. This treatment protocol distinguishes itself as a complete system of prevention, diagnosis and treatment based upon a "whole person" approach, recognising that though a specific organ or area may become the primary focus of illness, the effects will be impacted to some degree throughout the body. 

Sukh’s speciality is to address any dysfunctional elements through providing a hands-on holistic treatment protocol to bring about fast and effective long term health benefits by targeting the cause and not merely addressing the symptoms. This promotes wellness in mind, body and spirit by bringing balance to all four factors which influence a person’s state of health: physical, emotional, energetical and spiritual. 

Bodisync is proudly associated with the Governments Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CHNC), the British Register of Complementary Practitioners and the Acupuncture Society ensuring that our services meet the highest standards of quality and care.

Japanese Integrated Therapy

Japanese Integrated Medicine is a truly holistic approach to natural health care and remedial treatment being both complementary and alternative to other medical treatments. It can be sub divided into, Physical medicine and Internal medicine. Physical medicine integrates many natural “Therapies” to treat physical ailments such as back pain, slipped discs, knee strains, arthritis, sports injuries, aches, pains, strains, post-operative recovery, neuralgia, stroke rehabilitation, etc. Internal medicine again integrates many natural “Therapies” to provide treatment for conditions such as headaches, hormonal imbalances, digestive ailments, Fertility assistance, sinusitis, immunity, etc. 

The speciality of Japanese Integrated Medicine is that it is NOT a “Therapy” it integrates many
“Therapies” together to enhance the therapeutic effect for long term health benefits! 
Japanese Integrated Medicine includes the following ‘Therapies’ combined together and delivered in a single session:

  • Muscle functioning and Applied Kinesiology- Function and postural ‘testing’ and analysis of muscle reactions and functions to elicit imbalances.
  • Japanese 'Sekkotsu' -Joint and spine mobilisation and adjustment techniques
  • Japanese 'Anma' Massage- Soft tissue balancing; Ligament balancing and Lymphatic drainage methods.
  • Acupuncture - We use traditional Japanese Acupuncture using less needles for a greater effect that can often be felt immediately. 
  • Nutrition, Integrated Herbal Super Tonic Foods - Nutritional advice, specific dietary recommendations, and the use of super tonics for prevention and recovery.
  • Visceral Massage and Visceral Stimulation- Integrating soft tissue techniques with nutritional advice to improve organ functions.
  • Cranial Sacral Visceral Fascia Release - Used to balance the internal system of the body to restore homeostasis, improve recovery and harmonise both the nervous system and meridian systems.
  • Ultrasound - Used for treating deep tissue and organ imbalances, to promote recovery by improving circulation of blood, Ki/Chi and lymph.
  • Remedial Exercise and Lifestyle Change - Once “Balance” has been restored specific remedial exercises will be provided. The exercises that we recommend have been tried and tested for thousands of years, tailored to individual requirements.


Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture

With a number of innovative treatments Bodisync offer to their patients, their popular cosmetic facial acupuncture which aims to leave the skin tightened and lift the face, offering a natural alternative to a cosmetic facial lift is the ultimate facial treatment. For a truly luxurious facial treatment we also offer a unique 24K gold protocol. Gold has long been known for its quality in skin rejuvenation.
Whilst acupuncture has been used within the cosmetic industry for thousands of years, Cosmetic acupuncture specifically relates to acupuncture for aesthetic purposes, rather than traditionally being used for health and wellness concerns.

Cosmetic acupuncture stimulates collagen growth by penetrating the dermis layer of the skin, which pierces the tissue. As the tissue heals, it produces new collagen and tightens the skin naturally. 
The result from cosmetic acupuncture is to achieve revitalised and nourished skin, boasting a brighter complexion and more of a youthful glow.