Treatments provided by Stuart E James

Mr James offers treatment for several breast related problems including augmentation and reconstruction.

Treatments, operations and tests

There are many ways to perform breast enlargements. The method must be tailored to the individual patient needs. The principal is to create a pocket under the breast tissue and place a breast implant into that pocket. The breast enlargement operation is done under either local anesthetic (you are awake) or general anesthetic (you are asleep).
Breast reconstruction surgery is an option after a mastectomy to balance out the appearance of the breasts. Beyond external prosthetics, there are two options, artificial implants can be surgically inserted into the breast or tissue can be transplanted from one area of the patient to the breast. A surgeon's top priority is to ensure a good match and surgery can extend to cosmetic work on the affected breast.
Reduction mammaplasty is a breast reduction operation which removes the excess fat and skin from the breasts, which are reshaped and the nipples re positioned to form newer smaller breasts. This breast reduction surgery should result in more attractive breasts and reduce many of the problems outlined above. In breast reduction surgery there are several different surgical designs to reshape the breasts and are illustrated opposite. All of them will involve a scar around the areola of the breast. Each method will use different scars and will have advantages and disadvantages and your surgeon may select with your approval the best breast reduction technique in your particular case. Breast reduction surgery / mammaplasty may be used to correct asymmetry of the breast, where one breast is very much larger than the other and where it is considered to be the least normal of the two.
In both breast augmentation and reduction the aim is the change the size of the breast, whereas mastopexy (breast uplift) changes the shape alone. As nothing can be done to restore the breasts former elasticity, the only solution is to remove sections of slack and redundant skin. This procedure may remove a few stretch marks but most remain, although some may be less noticeable. The results of this operation are usually excellent and you can expect less drooping of your breasts with the nipples in a higher position.
An inverted nipple is a nipple that, instead of pointing outward, is retracted into the breast. In some cases, the nipple will be temporarily protruded if stimulated, but in others, the inversion remains regardless of stimulus. Plastic surgery is one method of protracting inverted nipples. If a woman elects to have this surgery performed on her inverted nipples, it can permanently destroy her capacity to breastfeed. Another method of protracting inverted nipples is to have the nipple pierced. The success of both of these methods, from a cosmetic standpoint, is mixed.