Frank Plovier: Profile


Dr Plovier is Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the Hospital of the Free University of Brussels, Belgium.  He provides private plastic surgery at Be Clinic in Brussels, and is available for consultation and aftercare at locations in London, Manchester and the Republic of Ireland.

Frank Plovier goes abroad frequently to enhance his professional training.  He studied in Barcelona, USA and Brazil and in 2002 qualified as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with “First-Class Honours with Distinction”.

Since then he regularly teaches medical students (doctors and nurses) in all aspects of plastic surgery. Frank Plovier is a consultant in plastic & reconstructive surgery at the Hospital of the Free University of Brussels and at BE Clinic, a private clinic for plastic surgery and has carried out thousands of cosmetic surgical procedures.

Dr Plovier received his medical and specialist plastic and reconstructive training in Belgium, qualifying in 2002 with first class honours with distinction. He holds an extra licence for microsurgical reconstruction from the Université Catholique de Louvain and frequently travels abroad, keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field.


Many patients from the UK visit Frank Plovier in his cosmetic surgery clinic in Brussels. Belgium is world famous for his excellent system of health care and the independent status of Belgian hospitals means that revenues and profit are ploughed into new equipment and technology. Pre-surgery consultations and comprehensive aftercare will take place in either Harley Street, London, Fitzwilliam Medical Centre, Ireland or in the Anson Medical Centre, Manchester. The procedure itself will take place in Brussels.

Clinical interests

Linezolid Ivor PO compared to Unasyn or Augmentin PO for the treatment of patients with diabetic foot infections - co-investigator randomized, open label, phaseIV clinical trial.

Research interests


  • 16/12/1997 seminarie heelkunde AZ-VUB : De ziekte van Dupuytren
  • 21/03/2000 seminarie heelkunde AZ-VUB : Conservatieve en heelkundige behandeling van decubitusulcera
  • 07/11/2000 seminarie heelkunde AZ-VUB : Handtraumatologie ; de behandeling van vingertopletsels, flexor en extensorpeesletsels
  • 12/01/02 CCP Handsurgery AZ-VUB; Dupuytren, how we do it
  • 26/01/02 CCP Aesthetic Surgery Brugman; Abdominoplasty, how we do it
  • 28/01/02 Uitstraling Permanente Vorming AZ-VUB. Dokter, mag ik u wat vragen? Borst chirurgie; esthetische en reconstructieve aspecten.
  • 23/04/02 Seminarie AZ-VUB: Body contouring na bariatrische heelkunde
  • 04-05/10/2002 Invited speaker at the International congress of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery organised on the occasion of the 50 anniversary of the foundation of the dept. of plastic surgery in Bratislava – The vertical scar mammaplasty, how we do it.
  • 03/02/03 les borstreconstructie, tweede jaar verpleegkunde Mechelen
  • 18/01/05 aesthetic surgery, Rotary Ghent
  • 14/12/06 workshop-life surgery chemilift phenol peel Liège