Treatments provided by Amen Sibtain

A highly experienced cancer specialist, Mr Sibtain offers the most up-to-date treatments for cancers affecting the gastrointestinal tract, hepatobililary system, head and neck.

Treatments, operations and tests

Chemotherapy is a broad category of cancer treatments, covering the use of chemical substances as part of a therapeutic anti-cancer regime. Chemotherapy has a large range of possible treatment types and a great many treatment outcomes.
Cyberknife surgery is a non-invasive surgery for the treatment of tumours. The treatment uses highly targeted beams to radiation to remove tumours without the need for surgery. It can be a viable alternative for tumours that are otherwise inoperable.
Gamma Knife surgery is used to treat benign and malignant conditions affecting the brain, head and neck. It uses precision delivery of radiation to the abnormality, which has been identified by scanning techniques. Gamma Knife surgery is non-invasive, relatively painless and doesn't produce the same debilitating side effects as chemotherapy.