Healthy children after recurrent miscarriages

"I am a former patient of yours whom you diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome back in March 2003 after having two miscarriages, six months apart. The diagnosis was then followed by three sub clinical miscarriages. At the time my oldest daughter, Tamara, was four years old. At my request, you referred me to the recurrent miscarriage clinic at St Mary's Hospital and in December 2004, I wrote to you with the happy news that I had given birth to our second daughter Sarah-Grace, at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's, under the care of Mr Raj Rai.

I had always dreamed of having three children, but to my sad disbelief, when we started trying again I had three more sub clinical miscarriages. Once again though, things eventually worked and on June 22nd of this year, after another healthy pregnancy on Clexane and aspirin, I gave birth to our lovely third daughter, Hazel. This, as you can imagine, is something that my husband Francois and i had barley dared to hope for. We know we are incredibly lucky. 

Because my story may give hope to patients of yours who are suffering the same feelings of emptiness and misery that I did after miscarrying, I wanted to give you our good news. I do believe that encouraging words from you, Professor Regan, and Mr Rai, gave me the strength to keep trying."



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