Successful gastric balloon surgery

Read the positive testimonial from a patient that underwent balloon insertion in January 2019 with Mr Hashemi.

"After years of ineffective dieting, exercise, personal trainers, detox, weight management courses and healthy eating plans, I decided I needed to find the best possible long-term treatment which would not only help me to lose weight but reduce the risk of potential illnesses caused by obesity, particularly as I reached 54.

Following months of extensive research and consideration, recommendations and reviews, it was clear that Dr Hashemi was the expert in the field of bariatrics, notably non-invasive, gastric balloons. After consultation, my procedure was discussed and agreed and I liked the fact it was a simple, effective and long-term solution for becoming slimmer and healthier.

There is very little factual information on the internet about the Gastric Balloon – it is either written by the manufacturer of the balloon or the clinic carrying out the procedure or emotive information provided by patients which is based on their own person journey and treatment. Someone needs to write a factual account of what a patient can expect and pitfalls to avoid as there is nothing available. Dr Hashemi explained key points of the procedure and post-procedure but I was still very apprehensive as I work for myself and rely on being healthy and fit to keep my business running.

A long story short, the procedure was fine but I had severe sickness afterwards for the first week could not keep water down and in two weeks had lost a stone. I was dehydrated and very weak and wanted the balloon removed. Dr Hashemi gave good consult with new medicine, vitamins and diet to aid recovery.

After that I have been perfectly well, have lost 12 kg (26 lbs) in 10 weeks, run every morning, go the gym, eat healthily and feel so much better. Also, my confidence is up, I am more sociable, fit into my old clothes, and wonder why I didn’t have this done years ago!

Although it is a hefty investment, it is worth every penny. I’ve just had a full health MOT and passed with flying colours (from my cholesterol to my blood pressure) BUT still need to lose 3kg more to get an all-star rating!

I can’t rate Dr Hashemi high enough. Book now! It will change your life!"

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