Myotomy and Lap Hiatus Hernia Repair story

One patient would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Hashemi after their successful heller's mytomoy and lap hiatus hernia repair in November 2018.

"I was finally diagnosed with achalasia in September 2018 having had distressing symptoms for many years. I was at the stage where my diet comprised puréed food and even drinking sips of water was a problem. I felt extremely isolated and vulnerable as very little help was available to me from the local medical profession who were at a loss to know how to help.

Having received the diagnosis, I discovered the Patients Guide to Achalasia - co-written by Mr Hashemi - on the internet. This was of enormous help to me and I was so encouraged that I booked an appointment to see Mr Hashemi. 

I first met Mr Hashemi in October 2018 and was extremely impressed by the consultation. Mr Hashemi was professional, thorough, courteous and reassuring and, having taken a history and examined me, Mr Hashemi’s opinion was that a Heller's cardiomyotomy with partial fundoplication was the way forward for me, other procedures having failed in the past. The consultation was not rushed and I was involved in decision making. Totally confident in Mr Hashemi’s abilities, as well as his safety record, I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

I was admitted to Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth for this early in November 2018.  Keyhole surgery was planned but because of extensive adhesions from several previous abdominal surgeries, this could not be guaranteed.  However, although I understand that the procedure was difficult, I was delighted when informed that keyhole surgery had been successful and Mr Hashemi had not had to resort to more invasive surgery.  Post-operatively, I remained in hospital for only three nights and was visited by Mr Hashemi on a couple of occasions. He was always ready to answer my questions and deal with any concerns as well as giving appropriate advice and instructions on my discharge.

I had two follow up appointments post-op when all seemed to be progressing well. As I live 30 miles from London, Mr Hashemi informed me that he was always happy to answer any further concerns or questions by email and I took advantage of this on a couple of occasions!  Sofia, Mr Hashemi’s secretary is extremely efficient and courteous. She was always willing to help and if she said she would ring or email back, she always did so! 

In conclusion, I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Mr Hashemi."

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