Effective treatment for acid reflux

"Having had severe acid reflux for several years where no treatment was working, my condition was deteriorating my health causing me to not be able to keep food down amongst other complications such as breathing. I almost started giving up the will to live to be honest. I was then recommended to see Mr Hashemi, which was the best recommendation ever made.

Mr Hashemi took my case with utmost concern and actually listened to all my symptoms whilst making me feel at ease before being immediately sent to do tests and investigations I hadn't done anywhere else. My file was then taken internationally to discuss but never once did I feel I was treated as a case or patient but as a real person whilst being informed at all stages. I was then prepped for a gastric bypass which I'm glad to say has fixed all reflux problems and am now resuming back to an active life that I enjoy. I only wish I'd seen Mr Hashemi sooner. Would I recommend him to others? In a heartbeat!!"

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