Getting personal with weight management

Losing weight, staying at the same healthy weight, or even gaining weight can be a daily struggle for most people. We would all the love to eat exactly what we want all the time, but the fact remains if we want to lose weight this simply isn’t possible.

Can dieting alone shift the pounds?

The problem arises when people have tried almost every diet going. The Atkins: based on eating protein and no carbs, the 5:2: eat what you want for five days and stick to a strict calorie intake for two days, low GI: a low-sugar diet and so on.

It can seem as though you’re barely eating anything apart from lettuce and lentils, but are still not losing weight, and at worst are actually gaining weight. This can cause a vicious circle as motivation fades and you end up with far worse eating habits than before and the weight can spiral out of control.

DNA testing for weight management

What many people don’t realise is that weight management is often down to your personal genetic profile. This means that even if you’re following a strict diet, your DNA profile will affect whether or not you lose weight.

According to a trial performed by the NHS, they found that 33% of participants lost more weight through DNA profiling than a generic weight loss plan or diet. Using this personalised weight management approach can help you find which weight loss plan may be best suited to your body type and healthy weight loss goals.

Personalised weight management

But, it’s not just DNA analysis that can help you lose weight if you struggle to shift the pounds. Being able to understand you as a person is key to the management of your weight loss and weight control.

Your lifestyle, for instance, plays an important role. If you’re a sales director wining and dining clients, it would almost be impossible to stick to a strict diet, however, understanding food groups and how they match to your DNA can give you an understanding of exactly what foods you can choose or avoid from the menu.

The same goes for exercise. By using a specialised weight management program, it can provide you with the right exercises for your body type, enabling you to get to your ideal weight.

Finding the right weight management program for you

Type in weight management into an online search and you are bombarded with clinics all jostling for your attention. So, who do you choose?

Weight loss isn’t and shouldn’t be a quick fix. It’s about finding the right weight management program you can feel comfortable with. It’s also about finding the right program that can be tailored to your specific needs to reach your weight loss goal.

Choose an evidence-based weight management program

At the Dr. Ralph Rogers’ Weight Management Program in Harley Street, the team will work with you on a one-to-one basis to ensure that your specific weight-loss needs are met. The clinic provides an eight-week diet plan and exercise recommendations based on your DNA profile and your personal food preferences.

Not only that, but the tailored program also uses the gold standard DEXA scan for body composition analysis. It gives a precise measurement of body fat and muscle mass and provides the information necessary to build a bespoke nutrition and fitness plan just for you.

Following the initial consultation, you will be given a fitness tracking device to help you monitor your energy expenditure and sleeping patterns. The information gained from this will be used during your customised eight-week diet and exercise plan.

Ongoing support for your weight management

Ongoing support is vital, ensuring you stick to your weight loss program and reach your goals. At the Dr. Ralph Rogers’ Weight Management Program you will receive bi-weekly follow-up sessions with clinical dietitians and sports nutritionists via the unique Telemedicine service.

This program is aimed to help you reach your ideal weight loss goals in the short term but also to help you gain the skills, knowledge and habits to maintain these changes in the long term.

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