Diet vs weight management

Winter always seems to be the time of year when the pounds start to creep on. The summer is but a distant memory of glorious beaches, decadent salads and tasty BBQ food. Now it’s roast dinners, pub lunches and mulled wine all packed with calories and carbs ensuring your pounds pile on. Many people try quick fixes and fad diets to lose weight fast, often setting themselves unrealistic targets and weight loss goals.

Often, people are simply too strict on themselves and fall at the first hurdle. We all know we want something more when we can’t have it. It can be especially difficult over the festive season when meals out and parties are on the agenda. Alcohol is also packed full of calories, so weight control can become even harder in the month of December. But, with a little change in attitude and the way you view diet and weight management, getting to or staying at your ideal weight needn’t be difficult. In fact, it can be far easier than you might think.

What’s the difference between weight management and a diet?

Well, diets tend to be a short-lived exercise. They are low-calorie regimes targeted at everyone looking to lose weight, not the individual. Weight management programs, on the other hand, are targeted specifically for you. Your lifestyle, what you normally eat, and your body type are all considered. A good weight management program will be completely personalised to you, and you alone. They focus on exactly what you want to achieve, without false promises, and definitely no false advertising.

Who should be looking at weight management?

If you’ve tried various diets and never stick to them for very long, or if you simply don’t lose the weight when you know you’re being ‘good’, a weight management program could be for you.

Achieving a realistic healthy weight is far easier when using a personalised weight management program rather than a quick-fix diet.

Where can you find the right weight management advice?

That’s where it can be tricky. There are so many websites and clinics offering weight management advice and programs, how do you know which ones to trust?

We would always recommend finding a clinic you can visit in person. Being able to meet the team should be important to you, especially if you are paying for a weight management program. It also helps to find a local clinic for ongoing support and advice, as well as a friendly face.

That’s where we come in at the Rogers Regenerative Medical Group. We provide a new evidence-based weight management program that is completely personalised and tailored to you.

We even use DNA testing to understand your genetic profile and how this can affect your weight loss. Being able to understand you inside and out enables us to maximise your weight loss and help you achieve your ideal weight through an eight-week plan.

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