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"My appointments with Dr Phillips has been the most pleasant I've ever experienced with a doctor.

Dr Phillips was knowledgeable and empathetic of my Multiple Sclerosis; she understood the treatment I am about to undergo, my inability to move properly and the lethargy that accompanies MS. Therefore, not wasting my time with pointless appointments like previous doctors have. Though Dr Phillips has left me with one small problem. I will now be expecting the same brilliant service from other doctors. I give her my highest recommendation."

"First class customer service.

I can't tell you how great Dr Phillips is. I was so nervous today but her and her team made it so simple and comfortable!"

"Thank you for your speedy reply and compassion once again, you've been wonderfully supportive to date and I can't tell you how grateful I am."

"I went to see Dr Phillips for a consultation for recurring abdominal issues, which I have been experiencing for the past couple of years. During this time, I have seen various doctors and consultants. However, Dr Phillips was really the first doctor, who took the time to listen to me describe my symptoms and the impact that they are having both on me and my family. I would recommend anyone with a GI problem to see Dr Phillips. Dr Phillips is a first-rate doctor, who also cares about and listens to her patients."


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