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"I had cpap treatment with a mask for sleep apnoea the appointments where well timed and managed, and the doctors very knowledgeable. Mr Oko also started the ball rolling for me to have gastric bypass which now I have lost 10 stone my problems have gone all that remains now are night terrors. I feel it is a very beneficial and excellent service which is helping many peoples quality of life to improve."

"All I can say is that Mr Michael Oko is one of the most caring and understanding Doctors I have come across in a long while. He has the patience of a saint and will work with you to make sure you are happy.I know sometimes it delays other patients, but he will never rush you. He is caring and understanding and has the most perfect 'bedside' manner that you could wish for. I have been seen by many consultants/doctors during my life and can quite happily say he is in my top 5 of what I would expect of them. For anyone who may be considering choosing Mr Oko as their Specialist I could only highly recommend him…. you won't regret it!. From a Happy Patient"

"My personal experience of dealing with mr Oko is that i would have no problem recommending him to anyone, his manners ars second to none and the treatment and follow up appointments are meticulous as is his professionalism.  My treatment was for apneoa and throat problems for which he was maticulous and curteos. i hold mr Oko in the highest regard as both a specialist and a man."

"Hello, I have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea for some 4 years and have been treated by Michael Oko. I have a good % compliance to the treatment and have no issues. Michael and his team are always very professional and have dealt with any questions and issues immediately. Many thanks Michael it has changed my life, shame I can’t keep off the weight that would allow me to be machine free."

K, aged 55, hadn’t had a peaceful night’s sleep in 25 years before being treated for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).
“I used to think that my problems sleeping were due to nightmares in which I felt I was drowning, and would be constantly struggling to wake up in order to stay alive. I went to see my GP about 4 years ago to tell him about the dream, just on the off chance that he could suggest something to help. My GP referred me to Mr Oko and he gave me a machine to wear for 24 hours, then he diagnosed me with both sleep apnoea and being a tongue swallower. He told me that the nightmares I had been having where I struggled to breathe were not in fact merely bad dreams, but due to my tongue blocking my airway. So I was actually fighting for my life during sleep. I would wake up coughing all the time, which was due to needing to cough my tongue out of my throat in order to breathe. I started using a 2 in 1 CPAP machine that both keeps my airway open, and keeps my tongue forward to prevent me swallowing it. I sleep like a baby now for 8 hours a night, and no longer have the drowning nightmares. As well as treating me Mr Oko has taught me all about the condition in a very clear and infomative way, and how to manage it. I have even recognised OSA symptoms in a friend, who kept falling asleep during the day, and he is now also receiving successful treatment for OSA."

“I used to fear going to bed and be constantly sleepy during the day, but this treatment has completely changed my life.”

D, aged 67, discovered he had sleep apnoea when his wife, a sleep apnoea sufferer of over 10 years, noticed his excessive snoring.
“My wife used to stop breathing during sleep and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea at a sleep clinic. She had been receiving treatment for 6 years. So when Mr Oko opened his clinic in Boston I went to be tested, and was also diagnosed with sleep apnoea. Now I am receiving treatment and my quality of life has been transformed. Mr Oko explained to me what was happening and worked with me to find the appropriate treatment. The treatment is a continuous process, and Mr Oko ensures I get 100% from the CPAP machine, and found the best mask to ensure as comfortable and peaceful sleep as possible. Having a local clinic at Boston has been a godsend in terms of getting access to treatment, and my wife has also been able to transfer there to continue her treatment.”

“For four or five years I struggled to sleep and I used to have to have two naps during every day just to get through the day. My GP referred me to Mr Oko when I said I had trouble sleeping, within weeks he got me on a CPAP machine which I use every night and I’ve never looked back. It’s made a huge difference to my life. I’m getting a good night’s sleep and so is my wife. ”

"Michael Oko is the only Consultant I have ever met who has grasped that women are often the guardians of men’s health. With his powers of persuasion and my persistence we got my husband three stone lighter and off CPAP therapy."

N & I
"CPAP looked after my symptoms but did nothing for my wife’s sleep pattern. Although at times we probably presented as the patients from hell Michael Oko and his team never gave up on us. He empowered me to take control of my symptoms and achieve the weight loss that enabled me to come off CPAP therapy."

"Michael Oko has that uncanny ability to get into your head and motivate you to succeed where lesser mortals would give up. With the help of this award winning team and my wife I lost sufficient weight and made the lifestyle changes to come off CPAP therapy – My life is so much better now."

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