Emin Carapeti

Consultant General and Colorectal Surgeon

Accreditation and insurance

Emin Carapeti is an accredited consultant for the following hospitals, clinics and groups...

Emin Carapeti is an approved consultant for the following insurance companies...

Treatments, operations and tests

  • Anal fistula repair
  • Colon examination by camera
  • Colon polyp removal
  • Colonoscopy
  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
  • Gall bladder removal (Laparoscopic)
  • Haemorrhoid injection
  • Haemorrhoid treatment (HAL-RAR)
  • Haemorrhoids or piles removal
  • Hernia Repair - Groin (Inguinal) - Open surgery
  • Hernia Repair - Groin (Inguinal) -Laparascopic (Keyhole Surgery)
  • Partial removal of colon/rectum
  • Pilonidal sinus surgery
  • Removal of part of the bowel or colon
  • Tear in anus (anal fissure) repair

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