Vaser Lipo Aftercare - Hints & Tips

Here at The Private Clinic we specialise in minimally invasive treatments with as little downtime as possible. We use the most advanced equipment in the industry operated only by leading surgeons, however there is still some downtime and there are steps you can take to ensure that you get the best results from your treatment. 


Straight after the procedure it is advised that you eat a balanced diet and avoid sugary, fatty and processed foods, after all you don’t want to undo the effects of the treatment and ruin your amazing new body. Despite removing fat you are likely to feel ‘heavy’ after the procedure. Be prepared to feel bloated and possibly constipated too. Eating a diet high in fibre will help you during this time. Water with fresh lemon is cleansing and naturally reduces swelling. If in doubt always check with your surgeon who can suggest a diet plan if needed.


Some people feel the urge to hit the gym straight away which is admirable but not advisable, you should still wait about four weeks before working out. Intensive exercise is not recommended at this stage but it is important to remain active, take a walk when possible and keep moving when possible to avoid swelling. You’d be surprised how much exercise you do in your daily life, especially if you can leave the car behind for a few weeks.


Directly after your treatment you will be required to wear compression or recovery garments. They are not particularly appealing but do provide much-needed support during your recovery period. Recovery garments support the area, help with circulation, reduce swelling, and make sure that you get a great final result. It is best to have someone to assist you when you first have to change or remove them, just in case of light–headedness. Your surgeon will let you know how long to wear them for and at The Private Clinic we can order them for you at a reduced rate so it’s one less thing for you to think about.


We like to be as open as possible about the experience so we would like to let you know that leaking is perfectly normal especially in the first few days following treatment. The leaking will be an orange or purple colour and we cannot stress how normal this is, in fact it can lead to very positive recovery as swelling is likely to be minimal; it’s better out than in. We advise preparing old sheets and getting a mattress protector. It’s also advisable to wear loose black or dark clothes especially straight after the procedure, this will disguise the leaking somewhat.


It is not unusual to experience swelling and bruising in places not related to the treatment. This is all part of your body healing and readjusting and is nothing to be concerned about. If you experience any pain, or long periods of faintness, illness or are just generally concerned then get in touch with us. Our priority is you. Your surgeon will want to ensure that your recovery is smooth and any reputable clinic will offer a 24 hour number for emergency aftercare. Many of our doctors recommend a course of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which can really speed up recovery.


The downtime is minimal when compared to the older methods of liposuction, so after about four to six weeks you should be feeling back to normal. It can take about three months for your body to adjust to its new shape which is why following advice during this period is so crucial. After that you will see your ‘final result’. At this point it is not unusual to see your surgeon again, but some may want to see you after six months or even a year. In most cases there is no need to return as you’ll be far too busy enjoying the new and improved you.

We perform over 1000 liposuction procedures a year, with world-class surgeons. We are also a medical training centre for Advanced Vaser Lipo. Call 0333-920-2471 for more information or to book a consultation.

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