Skin Analysis

Your skin may be the largest organ in your body, but it is also the most exposed one.  Seeing as it’s constantly affected by your surroundings, it’s important to establish what factors affect it most, before investing in products and treatments that might not suit your skin.

That’s why we offer Skin Analysis with every skin consultation you attend – it’s crucial to gain a good understanding of your skin and the condition it’s in.

What is Skin Analysis?

When you come into our clinic and want advice on the best way to care for your skin, or you want to see which treatment might suit you best, then it’s impossible for us to do so without having a close up look at your skin first.

At our Skin & Beauty clinic at London City, we check for any pigmentation under the surface of your skin thanks to our SkinCeuticals machine, to then take you in for a full skin consultation.

The fact is, in order for us to understand your skin we have to get to know it, which isn’t something we can do if you’re wearing make-up, or if we don’t know a little bit about your daily routine.

Our specialists lay you down, cleanse your face and analyse any imperfections with a magnifying lamp. This way we can examine your skin tone and texture, acne spots, sun spots, pores and wrinkles.

In doing so, we eliminate guesswork from the process and can give you professional advice.

Why is Skin Analysis so important for understanding your skin?

Your skin reflects what’s going on inside your body, and when breakouts appear in particular areas, it can be very telling.

For instance, a bad diet and stress can cause the appearance of spots on your chin. On the other hand, spots on your forehead could mean that your bladder might not be eliminating waste properly because you aren’t drinking enough water.

It’s essential that we go through your diet, health, working environment and the history of the products that you use at home.

All such various factors can have an effect on your skin, and we want to be as thorough as possible because going forward, it goes beyond having just one treatment. You will have to take care to look after your skin every day and you’ll have to use products at home. If you want to keep your skin looking healthy, you’ll have to give it constant care, and that requires more than paying us a visit for a single treatment.

As you progress, it’ll become a kind of journey that we take you on. Think of it as moving on to a new level. Your skin is constantly changing, and even more so when you start using new products at home, so as you go through your skincare journey the consultation and analysis process will keep you looking radiant.  

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