From curves to chiselled abs – Vaser definition

Are there areas of fat in your body that you just can’t seem to shift despite taking regular exercise and having a healthy diet?

You try one diet after another, jog, cycle, swim, power-walk or whatever, and yet some bits of fat seem as determined to stay where they are.

What is VASER Liposuction?

VASER Lipo uses ultrasound technology to breakdown fat cells without affecting surrounding tissue, then, thin suction tubes are used to rid your body of the fat in question.

Using this specialised technique a skilled surgeon can give various degrees of definition to a person’s body.

The different degrees of definition

The VASER 4D LipoSculpt procedure follows your natural curves, carefully removing fat and shaping your body, re-injecting fat where necessary to reach a person’s desired physique.

Because the technique’s ultrasound waves also work to tighten your skin, you can opt to have a Mid-Def or Hi-Def procedure done.

Thanks to VASER Hi-Def puts having an athletic and chiselled appearance within reach, because on top of removing superficial fat, it goes deeper and eliminates fat surrounding your muscles.

By coming in such close proximity to the muscles, their underlying shape becomes more visible and the surgeon can use a gentle suction process to chisel your chosen area.

The surrounding tissue isn’t damaged along the way and you’ll be able to keep your physique provided you keep exercising and stick to a healthy diet.

Because of the extreme definition this technique can achieve, it is often chosen by men.

Because we appreciate that patients like to have a range of option, the Private Clinic sought out to create its own specialised VASER technique that offered a middle ground between ultimate definition and standard liposuction

Muscularity is the main focus of a Hi-Def treatment, but Mid-Def on the other hand, aims to create a fit natural appearance. 

Enough fat is removed to let the underlying muscle become visible but the finished effect is softer than that of the Hi-Def.  

Although the above treatments have been fashioned to treat individual areas, VASER 360 treats the whole length of your legs all in one go.

It is in fact a highly specialised treatment that few surgeons attempt due to lack of expertise but The Private Clinc’s Dr. Wolf pioneers the procedure and his work has been praised as ‘the holy grail of plastic surgery’.


It’s worth mentioning that none of this is an alternative to a healthy lifestyle or a cure for obesity. Results won’t hold if you don’t maintain your weight and it is best to come in with realistic expectations.  However, if you do fit the eligibility profile for VASER then you can end up with dramatic results that could never be achieved through standard liposuction.

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