3 ways to get rid of moobs

Recent figures from the British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons (BAPRAS) have revealed that Male Breast Reduction surgeries were up by a noteworthy 13% in 2015. Rajiv Grover, the collator of the data and former BAAPS President, theorised that the rise in Gynecomastia Surgery may be linked to men abandoning the ‘hyper-masculine’ look and becoming more aware of the options available to them.

Why do men have ‘moobs’?

‘Moobs’ are the main symptom of a condition called Gynecomastia, which cause male breast tissue to become enlarged. It often comes down to a hormonal imbalance where your oestrogen levels grow beyond those of your testosterone.. It’s the female sex hormone, oestrogen, which promotes the development of breasts.

Another common factor is obesity. It isn’t very surprising that 40% of men now suffer from the condition if you consider the fact that 65.3% (Health Survey of England, 2014) of them are considered to be overweight of obese.

Moreover, genetics, old age and puberty can cause the condition, and it can even be developed as a side effect from certain medication – making it all the more difficult to address with diets or exercise.

Regaining a flat chest

There’s no cause for panic, enlarged breasts can be treated with simple procedures that are performed under local anaesthetic and require only a few days of recovery.


A method perfected by The Private Clinic's very own Dr Gupta, sees cannulas of less than 3mm in diameter being placed through tiny incisions to remove unwanted fatty tissue.

MicroLipo relies on the combination of a gentle suction with those thin cannulas, to eliminate the risk of scarring or surrounding tissue damage, and it takes a day or two to feel like yourself again.

VASER Liposuction

VASER Lipo is a very specialised kind of Liposuction that relies on ultrasound wavelengths target and liquefy fat before removing it with suction.

It’s a very effective Body Sculpting method, which enables your surgeon to shape around your muscles in order to give you the definition you desire. Just as with MicroLipo, the recovery process should only last a couple of days.

Surgical liposuction

If for some reason you turn out to be unsuitable for the above treatments, there’s always the surgical option. It’s often necessary if there’s a significant portion of fat that needs removing. The surgery is done under general anaesthesia and will require at least a week of downtime.

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