As an artist I consider my eyesight to be the most important function my body can provide for me. Without it, my life would be intolerable, meaningless and empty, so I treasure it beyond measure.

When I was told after an eye test that I had a hole in my macular, I was devastated, especially as I had just undergone a vitrectomy in my right eye, due to a cataract replacement operation some months earlier, to remove ‘floaters’ that had occurred after the operation. This necessitated a further vitrectomy, scraping the membrane of the macular and insertion of a gas bubble and all that it entails.

The operation was successfully carried out by Mr Ahmed El-Amir and the macular has now healed five weeks after the procedure was performed.

This was good news to my ears and I was keen to see how my eyesight had improved and whether or not I could see enough to continue with my painting.

The painting ’Onion bottle and glass with walnuts in a Chinese bowl’ was started only five weeks after the operation and the work shown represents ten hours of study. I am delighted with the results so far.

The finished painting is expected to be completed within the next ten days or so depending on the quality of light, so that further refinements can be made. At the moment, I believe my vision is in the region of 85% of what I can expect and after only five weeks I feel optimistic I will achieve the 98% potential in the weeks to come.

I am extremely grateful to Mr El-Amir and his team for this ‘miracle’ and look forward to completing more paintings in the future.

Roy Barley

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