Improved sight

I was very fortunate to come under the care of Mr El-Amir in 2010. I needed several operations over the following four years to repair my detached retinas and lens replacements related to cataracts.

I learned as a patient that although the surgical procedure to repair and restore my vision was very important, it only took up a small amount of the time compared to managing the impacts on my family and me from first experiencing symptoms, being diagnosed before and then recovering after the procedures.

It’s hard for anyone, including me, to understand that the healing process for detached retinas takes a lot of patience. Being an anxious patient at the best of times, I was very fortunate that besides being a top expert in eye surgery, Mr El-Amir has shown a remarkable ability to help me remain calm, relaxed, and reassured. No matter how worried I’ve been at times before or during healing following procedures, Mr El-Amir’s positive attitude and willingness to just listen and take as much time as needed to put everything into terms that I could understand, no matter how many questions I had, has been hugely important for me throughout the last four years. Today, I can say that thanks to Mr El-Amir, I’m not blind. Which is the main thing. And beyond that, when I thought it was not possible, Mr El-Amir made the extra effort to arrange the latest eye scanning equipment to closely examine the layers of retina in my eye. He found that I was a suitable candidate for a multi-focal lens implant so that I would not need reading glasses and also have excellent vision at distance. So not just restored vision, but improved vision. Thank you Mr El-Amir from me and my family.

Louise Johnson

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