How to get rid of skin cyst

Cysts are small swellings on your skin that are caused by blocked hair follicles, in a similar way to spots and acne. The cyst can be superficial or it may lie deeper under your skin, so that you can feel it as a hard lump. It can become red and inflamed, and sometimes a cyst will burst, which could leave you with a scar. Although cysts rarely cause severe pain or serious harm, it can be worth seeking treatment from your private dermatologist at the London skin clinic if you have a large or painful cyst. Here are your options for dealing with skin cysts:

1. Do nothing:

If you are sure that you have a cyst and it isn’t bothering you, it might not be necessary to seek treatment. Most cysts will go away by themselves in time. However, if you have a large or painful cyst, or if you have a lump that you aren’t sure is a cyst, you should consult your GP or see a private dermatologist at our London clinic.

2. Self-care:

A warm compress or flannel held against the cyst can help to reduce the inflammation and encourage it to heal. You should never burst a cyst because this can spread the infection and make it worse. The cyst is also likely to return because some of it will probably remain hidden under your skin.

3. Antibiotics:

Your GP or dermatologist can prescribe antibiotics to combat a bacterial infection that is causing a cyst. Eliminating the infection can get rid of the cyst and it may also help with spots if you have acne.

4. Cortisone:

Another option for treating skin cysts is to inject them with cortisone. An injection directly into the cyst should reduce inflammation and encourage it to start shrinking within 48 hours. This can provide rapid relief for a particularly large or painful cyst.

5. Surgical removal:

If the cyst doesn’t respond to treatment, it is causing you a lot of discomfort, or you feel self-conscious, you might want to consider surgery. A private dermatologist in London can empty or remove the cyst for you. However, this will often leave you with a small scar and it is possible that the cyst will grow back in the same place.



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