5 Tips for tackling genital skin conditions

Any kind of skin condition requires a little extra care, but when you have a genital skin condition it is particularly important to care for your skin properly. Your dermatologist in London can provide more advice on caring for your genital skin if you have any questions.

1. Wash With Water: Keeping clean is important, but your genital skin is too sensitive to be washed with the same soaps and toiletries that you use elsewhere. You should wash yourself only with water or with a product that has been specially designed for the genital area. Make sure you wash at least once a day.

2. Dry Carefully: You should make sure that you dry off thoroughly after you wash your genitals and after going to the toilet. Pat yourself dry with a clean towel or with toilet paper. Just dab gently, without rubbing, so that you don’t add to the irritation.

3. Use a Barrier Cream: Once you are dry, you should apply any medication you have been given by your dermatologist in London. Alternatively, you can use a barrier cream such as petroleum jelly to protect your skin. It is a good idea to apply a barrier before you go to the toilet too.

4. Choose the Right Underwear: Loose fitting underwear made from natural materials such as cotton or silk will help your skin to breathe. The right underwear can prevent overheating, stop moisture and sweat building up, and ensure that nothing is rubbing against your skin. Choosing loose clothing to wear over the top will also help, so opt for loose trousers or a skirt, and try wearing stockings rather than tights.

5. Try Not to Scratch: Genital skin conditions can be very irritating, but it is important to resist the urge to scratch as much as possible. The medication prescribed by your dermatologist in London should help to reduce itchiness and irritation, but you might also want to try using a cold pack wrapped in a towel. You should do your best to avoid scratching as it will only make the problem worse, and try to avoid activities such as cycling that could result in more irritation.

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