The main causes of stress – 12th April 2017

What are the main causes of stress and how do you combat them?

Dr Obuaya, Consultant Psychiatrist at Nightingale Hospital told Metro: ‘The causes of stress vary from person to person. In some cases, there is no external factor and we don’t know why some people become more anxious than others in a given situation. However, common causes of stress include work, family relationships (including with our spouses, children and parents) and major life events such as getting married, divorced or the loss of a loved one.’

‘One of the most important steps in combating stress is to recognise that it is happening.’

‘For some people, knowing that stress is a temporary experience can be reassuring; this may be enhanced by relaxation techniques, yoga and mindfulness, to name but a few.

‘Practical steps can often be helpful e.g. ensuring one sleeps well, carrying out regular exercise and reviewing work patterns (if that is the cause of stress). For some people, their level of stress is so high that they need to see their GP for consideration of a referral for talking therapy and, in some cases, medication that relieves severe anxiety,’ added Dr Obuaya.

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