Ways to pay for private treatment at London Ultrasound Centre

The London Ultrasound Centre offers convenient access to high quality scanning services at transparent and affordable prices.  Although gynaecology scans are usually covered by private medical insurance policies, private pregnancy scans often are not. Patients can choose to have their appointment with either a consultant or a sonographer, and are asked to let the Centre know if they are carrying more than one baby when making an appointment.

Self pay

The London Ultrasound Centre requires a deposit of £50-£100, depending on the service requested, to secure an appointment. 

Patients are politely requested to pay for their scan at the end of their appointment. Cash, credit card and debit card are all accepted.

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What's included

For extra convenience and affordability the London Ultrasound Centre offers a choice pregnancy scan packages: the Private Pregnancy Scan Package which includes 5 scans suitable for a typical pregnancy at a discounted price of £600 and the NHS Wraparound Pregnancy Scan Package which includes 4 scans that complement existing NHS antenatal care at a discounted price of £450.

Insured patients

The London Ultrasound Centre does not accept payment from insurance companies. Patients wishing to use their private medical insurance are asked to pay for their appointment and make the relevant claim back from their insurer. Any insurance forms that need signing must be brought to the appointment.