Could you be suffering from exhaustion?

By Emma Pritchard 23 November 2016 © Todor Tsvetkov

So, Kanye West has been admitted to hospital suffering from exhaustion. Hardly surprising when you think of everything he’s been up to this year – a new album, two fashion collections, and a tour (that ran from August to October; his current leg was cancelled on Monday). Phew.

But, although it may sound a million miles away from your 9-5, chances are there could be similarities. Deadlines at work to meet – don’t we all; gym workout to fit in after hours; friends, family, colleagues to juggle. And Christmas coming up…

Signs of exhaustion

“A packed schedule can leave you feeling exhausted all the time,” says Dr Paul Ettlinger of The London General Practice. “You may find you wake up tired – despite getting seven or more hours of sleep, your mind feels fuzzy, you don’t feel energized after exercise. Over time you may notice your behaviour is also affected – you might suffer mood swings, memory loss, or a lack of concentration, or struggle to make decisions,” he says.

Sound familiar? Kanye certainly wasn’t quite on par at his last gig, where he only performed a couple of songs before slipping into a political tirade and heading off. But what can we do to ensure we don’t reach such an extreme tipping point?

What to do if you're near burnout

“Take regular stock of your commitments,” Ettinger suggests. “So you can identify when you’re at risk of doing too much. Remember, exhaustion can be emotional too. If adjusting your schedule doesn’t seem to help and you continue to feel tired all the time, your exhaustion could be the result of an underlying medical condition such as a low-functioning thyroid; book a full check-up with your GP to be safe.”

Here are some ways to get a better night’s rest and how to ensure stress doesn’t intefere with your slumber
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