Patient Q&A - FUE hair transplant

02nd August 2016

Rob's results at 6 months

Q: What were you most looking forward to after your procedure?

I was really looking forward to having something to brush!

Q: Have you tried any other hair loss treatments?

I’ve never tried anything to regain my hair, it was just a spur of the moment thing. I’ve been losing my hair now for about 8/9 years. I’ve never tried any hair loss medications - tablets, pills, shampoos - I’ve never tried anything really. They’re gimmicks - if they worked everyone would be walking around with hair!

Q: Why did you choose Harley Street Hair Clinic?

I thought, if I’m going to get my hair done I’ll get it done from somewhere reputable. I researched lots of clinics locally in Birmingham but Harley Street Hair Clinic is renowned for doing a good job and everyone comes here. I suppose you want that sense of ‘getting it done right’ and at the right place.

Q: Did anything influence your decision to get a hair transplant?

I think what put me off was the invasive treatments but this (FUE) is not invasive. It’s just a normal procedure - taking hair from one place and then putting it back into another!

Q: We’re seeing you today for a check up 6 months after your procedure. How are you getting on?

I think there’s still a bit of time to go before I see the full results - I think 12 months is when you’ll see the finished results but it’s working! I’ve got something to brush and that’s what I wanted!

Q: What has life been like since the procedure?

I’ve blended back in, back to how I was maybe 5 years ago - that’s when it all started to fall out. I’ve got some hair to actually style.

Q: How has the donor area on the back of your head recovered?

I have my hair cut really short on the back and sides - normally a zero, so really short. But you can’t see any scarring. I thought you might see some white dots but you can’t.

Q: Are you happy with your new hairline?

I think it’s the right height. I think if it was any further down it wouldn’t fit in with my face and the sides of my head so I’m happy with it. I’ve got hair again. It’s a bit of confidence - not that I was looking for it, but it does give it to you.

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