Hair loss or hair thinning?

Have you been noticing that your hair seems a little thinner recently? Or maybe you’ve noticed more hair fall than you’re used to seeing. Hair loss can be quite scary, and not knowing why you’re losing hair can be quite worrying. The Harley Street Hair Clinic are going to explain the difference between hair loss and hair thinning, and most importantly, if you should be worrying.

What is hair loss?

When talking about hair loss, in medical terms, hair loss deals with the reduction of the number of hairs that are attached to your scalp. On average, we lose between 50-100 strands of hair each day, and this is completely normal and should cause no concern at all.

If you were to look at each strand of hair you lose throughout the day, the strands should be approximately the length of your hair and have a tiny white bulb at the end, this would indicate that the hair was at its natural shedding stage and ready to fall out as part of the hair growth cycle.

When hair starts to come out in clumps or throughout the day when you run your fingers through your hair, there might be more of a cause for concern. Hair loss can happen for a number of different factors and this can all affect the hairs growth cycle, for example, factors such as stress and hormones can change your hair growth cycle and can cause excessive hair loss.

Factors such as your genes and ageing can also cause hair loss. Due to the vast amount of factors that can cause hair loss, it is important to see a hair loss specialist to get the root of the probable, this will allow you to find out what might be causing your hair loss as well as the best treatment for it.

What is hair thinning?

Hair loss is something that can happen quite fast depending on the cause and it could be quite a shock. Thinning hair is generally more of a gradual process that tends to come with age, over time you’ll have fewer, smaller and weaker hair follicles. The main causes of hair thinning have been identified as physiological hair ageing, that comes as a natural process as we age, and then damage that is linked to external environmental factors such as pollution, dyeing hair and using the wrong products.

If your hair is gradually thinning you might notice a decrease in the mass of your hair, thinner hair strands,  and, weaker or more fragile hair that lacks volume.

So, should I be worried?

No, you should never worry about your hair loss or hair thinning as in a lot of cases there is a solution in order to either stop the hair loss and treatments that can work to restore hair loss. As mentioned, hair loss can happen for a number of different reasons – some of these, such as stress and hormones will not be permanent. The change in your hormones and the stress your body is under can change the course of the hair growth cycle, which can result in sudden hair loss – however, over time the cycle will normalise and so will your hair.

Hair loss due to age or genes, and conditions such as male pattern baldness are permanent forms of hair loss and unfortunately, there is no cure to stop this from happening – this is where hair restoration treatments such as FUE hair transplants and advanced tricho pigmentation can help to restore the appearance of a fuller head of hair.

Hair thinning, is different to hair loss as in most cases is due to environmental factors and simply changing your hair care routine by doing things such as reducing heat and chemical usage and using the right products can help to restore hair to good health. It can take time, but if you start to look after your hair, over time when new hairs begin to grow you’ll end up with a full head of healthy hair.

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