Did Caitlyn Jenner have a hair transplant?

10th November 2016

Previously receding hairline

Before coming out as transgender, Caitlyn Jenner – then known as Bruce Jenner – had noticeably thinning hair. Some media outlets even suggested that Caitlyn was using her step daughter Khloe’s trick of using eyeshadow to fill in her receding hairline.

However, since transforming into Caitlyn Jenner, her hairline is looking very impressive. After being the cover star of Vanity Fair, her photos drew many compliments about her thick and lustrous hair, a far cry from what it was previously.

Some suggested that Caitlyn was using lace front wigs and hair extensions to get the length and volume of hair, many others have wondered about the possibility of Caitlyn having had a hair transplant.

Jenner has neither confirmed nor denied hair transplant surgery, but there are other alternatives she could have undertaken to get luscious flowing locks.

Transgender hair loss treatments

Male-to-female transgender women are able to use clinically proven male hair loss treatments to combat their hair loss. This is because treatments are linked to birth gender to determine genetic suitability.

Caitlyn was known to take hormones, so the idea of her using hormones to help her hair is not farfetched. However, hormones are very interlinked and the complex relationship between them is not fully understood.

Many male-to-female patients will typically take oestrogens, but can also be taking antiandrogens like cyproterone acetate. Many doctors will think that this is enough to stop further male pattern hair loss – but this is not always the case.

Oestrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) are very closely related, and it is DHT that causes male pattern balding. While less testosterone is produced, it can still be enough to produce sufficient DHT to cause further male pattern baldness – so blocking the DHT can sometimes still be required.

However, those who are fully female-to-male transgendered can use high strength minoxidil to regrow their hair. Hair growth boosters are suitable for both groups.

Stress-related hair loss

Those who choose to undergo gender reassignment surgery can also experience diffused hair loss. This is due to the stress caused by the surgery – a process called telogen effluvium.

Caitlyn has been very public about her surgeries, including various facial surgeries such as rhinoplasty, cheek implants and a surgery to reduce the size of her Adam’s apple.

However, these surgeries can be very intense and this could have been the cause of her thinning hair. Telogen effluvium is known to last up to 12 months, but the hair regrows naturally after the body has recovered from the shock of the surgery.

Getting the hair you want

If you’re worried about the effect that either gender reassignment surgery or hormone therapy could have on your hair – why not come in and see one of our hair loss specialists?

We’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action, whether that means another hormonal treatment to prevent hair loss, or even  hair transplantation surgery to create a more natural hairline, we’re here to help.

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