Can you fix my cheap hair transplant?

The Harley Street Hair Clinic are experts in hair restoration and specialise in the revolutionary FUE hair transplant procedure.

The Clinic only use the FUE hair transplant method for their hair transplants so that they can ensure all of their clients receive the best, and most realistic results. Other, cheaper hair transplant methods and some cheap transplants undergone abroad don’t always look as you expected.

If you’ve had a hair transplant that has left you with results you’re not happy with, don’t worry; the Harley Street Hair Clinic might be able to help you get the results you’ve always wanted.

My FUT hair transplant left a scar

One of the slightly older hair transplantation methods, FUT (follicular unit transplantation) can sometimes leave noticeable evidence of the procedure, resulting in unnatural results.

FUT, sometimes referred to as the strip method is a procedure where hair is taken from areas at the back, and sides of the scalp and then transplanted to balding areas. This is done so by removing a strip of tissue from the donor area.

The strip is then prepared and cut into individual follicular units and relocated to the recipient area (balding area). As a strip of tissue is removed this can lead to a rather large scar on the back of your head, something that can be very noticeable and a sign that you’ve had a hair transplant.

At the Harley Street Hair Clinic, their FUE hair transplant procedure can in some cases disguise the appearance of scars left from FUT transplants. As they remove each hair follicle individually with a micro surgical punch you will not notice any scarring, and they can work to disguise existing scarring.

My hair transplant abroad wasn’t what I expected

There has been a rise in health tourism over the last few years, many people decide to flee the country in the hope for the perfect hair transplant at a discounted rate.

Sadly, when you compromise price on a medical procedure like this, there are always some risks involved. Once you’ve had your hair transplant procedure you won’t actually be able to see the full results for a few months, by this time you’ll be back home.

You’ll start to see your new head of hair growing and in some cases, you won’t be fully satisfied. You might feel that the density of your hair transplant isn’t as you wished, or maybe your receding hairline still looks a little far back.

If you’ve tried getting in touch with your clinic abroad and aren’t getting the answers you would have hoped for visit the Harley Street Hair Clinic for a no obligation consultation.

They might be able to help restore your hair and give you the hair you’ve always wanted, the hair you wanted in the first place.

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