Am I too young for a hair transplant?

05th October 2016

Experiencing hair loss can be a scary time for anyone, your hair can begin to gradually thin and you’ll notice your hairline starting to recede. Although this change isn’t something we welcome, it isn’t always as bad as we might think.

It is easy to jump straight to the conclusion that as soon as you notice your hair thinning you’re about to lose it all and go bald if you don’t get help. However, in some cases a hair transplant isn’t the answer, not straight away.

What is the preface age for a hair transplant?

At the Harley Street hair Clinic we are experts in the revolutionary fUE hair transplant procedure. Although the process of a FUE hair transplant is the same, each client is different. Some people begin to lose their hair from as early of 19, other can hold on to a full head of hair until there 70’s.

As each client is totally different if is hard to give a simple answer to when is the best age for a hair transplant. However, we often get queries from younger clients regarding hair transplants when they don’t need one just yet.

Is my hair loss normal?

There are many different types and causes of hair loss; at the early stages of hair loss it can become quite confusing to determine what type of hair loss you’re experiencing.

At a young age it can worry you, but hair loss is a natural part of life and it is completely normal. When you’re experiencing hair loss at a young age you’ll need to determine if you’re experiencing a mature hairline or male pattern baldness.

In most cases our younger clients that believe they need a hair transplant are experiencing the start of a mature hairline. A mature hairline is when your juvenile hairline becomes slightly higher up and less defined. This can happen anywhere between the age of 17 to 29.

We sometimes receive enquiries from men as young as 17 whom are experiencing a mature hairline and do not need a hair transplant just yet.

Can you offer treatment before a hair transplant?

In some cases we have clients who come in for a consultation and expect to leave with a date in their diary for a hair transplant. But this isn’t always the case. At the Harley Street Hair Clinic we always want to ensure all of our clients get the best possible treatment.

During the consultation process we will evaluate the extent of your hair loss then advise you of the best course of treatment. In some cases, when you are not ready to have a hair transplant but your hair is thinning we can offer Advanced tricho pigmentation. This advanced treatment works in a similar way to a tattoo and pigment is layered on the scalp to help build the appearance of fullness in the hair.

Should I come back in a few years time?

We always care about getting the best possible results for all of our clients. In some cases we have to turn clients away as they’re not yet ready for a hair transplant. We then advise them to continue to monitor their hair loss and return to the clinic in a couple of year’s time.

If you think you might be ready for a hair transplant, or want some advise about your hair loss contact us for a no obligation consultation where we will find the best course of action for you.

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