7 tips to getting perfect lips

Lips are a very prominent and important feature on every face. For one reason or the other someone may not like the shape or size of their lips. There are various different methods which can be used to give temporary or permanent solutions to their lip troubles to give you the perfect lips!

1) Spice –Did you know Chili’s and other spicy foods contain Capsicum, this is the component which causes the spice. Things such as Chilli oil can be rubbed on the lips to increase the blood flow and circulation to the lips which will cause a natural fuller look! Alternatively if you can bare it spicy foods will do the same job to achieve perfect lips!

2) Lip plumping tools – There are tools which are placed over your lips to create a plumper look. This is achieved by sucking the air out of the plastic cup creating suction. This suction will increase blood flow to the lips plumping them. However this trend is dangerous, it has been known to cause sores, blisters and to split the lip. We would advise against this but if you are going to use it, please use it responsibly.

3) Exfoliating your lips – By exfoliating not only is it removing any dead or flaky skin it is also encouraging blood flow to your lips. You can exfoliate by either using a lip scrub. The scrubs are usually made out of a coarse sugar and oil to form a paste. A dry toothbrush can also be used to create the same effect. Prior to brushing your teeth, use your dry toothbrush to scrub your lips. This again will remove any dead skin as well as increasing the blood flow giving you the perfect pout!

4)  Makeup – Makeup can be use in many different ways to alter the look of someone’s face. So it is known that lipsticks and lip liners can create a fuller lip. By outlining the lips in a darker colour and concentrating it on the outer corners and using a lighter shade in the centre of the lips create a fuller lip. This is essentially lip contouring, using darker and lighter shades to change the look of the lips.

5) Lip plumping gloss – Things like lip plumping gloss contains extracts like peppermint which causes the lips to have a tingling sensation. This sensation causes blood flow to your lips causing them to plump up. This will give a temporary effect.

6) Lip Fillers – This method is still not permanent but lasts around 3-9 months. Hyaluronic acid is used to help increase the volume of your lips. This acid is injected into specific areas of your lips to get the best results.

7) Lip implants – SurgiSil or PermaLip is a silicone lip implant which makes the lips look smooth, natural and enlarged. These are made out of solid yet soft silicone which is FDA approved. They are shaped to fit the natural shape of your lips. These implants can’t rupture or deflate and can be removed very easily. The installation will take no longer than 45 minutes and you will not feel a thing!

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