108 London Rectal Clinic

General surgery clinic run by 108 Harley Street

108 Harley Street, London, W1G 7ET

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Ways to pay for private treatment at 108 London Rectal Clinic

At the London Rectal Clinic, you can choose how you would like to pay for your treatment. You can decide that you wish to self-pay, use private medical insurance or undergo sponsored treatment.

Patients who are being sponsored by an employer or third party are required to bring proof of guarantee, which has been signed by your sponsor, on your first appointment. The letter needs to include the type of cover being paid for such as consultations, treatments and assessments, or the maximum monetary limit.

Self pay

A medical referral is not needed if you choose pay for your treatment yourself. Self-paying patients are required to pay all of their fees after receiving the receipt which will generally occur at the time of your treatment. The London Rectal Clinic is able to provide an indication of your fee in advance, which can be used as a guide for the cost of your consultation, assessment or treatment.

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What's included

The costs for consultations vary from £185 to £400 for a first consultation or second opinion, and £155 to £185 for follow-up consultations. There are additional charges for any investigations or diagnostic tests.

Charges are routinely covered in full by all medical insurers, subject to individual policy benefit limits, restrictions and excesses. If you require surgery, you will be given an estimate of the Consultant Surgeon’s fees, so that you can check your level of cover with your insurer.

If you are not covered by medical insurance, all-inclusive packages for surgery are also available.

Insured patients

108 London Rectal clinic works with a number of insurance companies. All the consultation, investigations and procedures undertaken at 108 Harley Street are routinely covered in full by medical insurers, subject to policy terms and conditions, exclusions and excesses. A referral from your doctor or other specialist is essential if you are expecting your medical insurer to contribute towards the cost of your treatment.